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Group Stretching


We provide a diverse range of classes tailored to enhance conditioning and strength, ensuring you get the best fitness experience each day of the week. Each class is expertly curated to target specific aspects of your fitness journey, ensuring comprehensive and holistic progress. Classes are limited to 8 members/class and are £10 PAYG or £40/month for the infinite pack

Lunchbreak Express - Fitness class in the middle of the day at Buckshaw Village Super-Me Fitness


Mondays and Wednesdays 12:15

A dynamic 30-minute workout designed to maximize your midday break. Crafted to fit seamlessly into your lunchtime, this class offers a high-intensity blend of cardio drills and weight training. Whether you're looking to burn calories, tone muscles, or simply energize for the second half of your day, Lunchbreak Express delivers a compact yet powerful session. Perfect for those on a tight schedule, it ensures you return to your desk recharged and ready to tackle the afternoon. Don't just eat during lunch – elevate your fitness with Lunchbreak Express!


Tuesdays 10am

Dive deep into the realm of strength training with our "Strength Technique" class. This unique workout experience is meticulously designed to focus on strength training drills, emphasizing proper form, precision, and technique. By attending this class, participants can expect to engage in a series of methodical exercises tailored to both beginners and seasoned fitness enthusiasts. Our drills ensure that every muscle contraction is purposeful and effective, targeting muscle groups optimally to foster growth and resilience. Beyond merely lifting weights, Strength Technique prioritizes the mastery of movement, ensuring you get the most out of each session while minimizing the risk of injury. For those dedicated to honing their strength training prowess, Strength Technique is the gateway to achieving that perfect blend of power and finesse.

Strength Class - Fitness class in the middle of the day at Buckshaw Village Super-Me Fitness


TOP HIIT intense Class - Fitness class in the middle of the day at Buckshaw Village Super-Me Fitness

Tuesdays 8pm

Elevate your workout intensity with our "Top HIIT Circuit" class. This high-powered session utilizes a circuit-style format, emphasizing robust bursts of conditioning exercises. Designed to boost heart rates, enhance endurance, and sculpt muscles, each station in the circuit offers dynamic movements for a well-rounded workout experience. The conditioning-centric approach of Top HIIT Circuit ensures maximum calorie burn, improved athletic agility, and heightened stamina. Whether you're aiming to boost cardiovascular health, refine your physique, or push your fitness boundaries, the Top HIIT Circuit delivers transformative results. Dive into a class that's as intense as it is rewarding!


Wednesdays 7pm

Discover the art of fluid movement with our "Evolution" class. Centered on the principles of stretching, mobility, and body exploration, this class is designed to help participants navigate new dimensions of their physical capabilities. Each session guides attendees through a series of stretches that aim to increase flexibility, paired with mobility exercises that enhance joint health and fluidity. But what truly sets the Evolution class apart is its emphasis on introducing new movements, allowing participants to connect with their bodies in novel and enlightening ways. Ideal for those looking to break free from routine motions and rediscover the versatility of their physique, Evolution promises a journey of self-discovery, increased agility, and a deeper understanding of one's body dynamics. Embrace the future of movement and let your body evolve.

Evolution Class Mobility and Stretching- Fitness class in the middle of the day at Buckshaw Village Super-Me Fitness


Thursdays 6:15am

Rise and Shine Morning Class - Fitness class in the middle of the day at Buckshaw Village Super-Me Fitness

Kickstart your day with the invigorating "Rise and Shine" class. Tailored for early birds who believe in seizing the day from its very outset, this class is the ideal blend of energy, motivation, and movement. Conducted first thing in the morning, Rise and Shine is more than just a workout—it's a call to action, setting the right tone for the rest of your day. Whether you're looking to clear your mind, jumpstart your metabolism, or simply cultivate a productive morning routine, this class ensures you step out feeling accomplished, revitalized, and ready to tackle whatever the day throws your way. Commit to Rise and Shine and embrace the power of starting your day with intention and momentum.


Friday 9:30am

Embrace the spirit of a true warrior with our "Warrior Circuit" class. This dynamic session seamlessly combines indoor precision training with the raw challenge of the great outdoors. Merging high-intensity conditioning exercises, Warrior Circuit pushes participants to their limits, tapping into both their physical strength and mental fortitude. Indoors, participants engage in structured, powerful bursts of exercises designed to target specific muscle groups and enhance cardiovascular health. Once outside, the unpredictable elements add an additional layer of challenge, incorporating nature's terrain and conditions into the rigorous workout. Ideal for those seeking to test their boundaries in a diverse environment, Warrior Circuit offers an adrenaline-packed experience that embodies strength, resilience, and determination. Step in ready for a challenge, and emerge as the warrior you were meant to be.

Warrior Circuit - Outdoor Class - Fitness class in the middle of the day at Buckshaw Village Super-Me Fitness


Saturdays 10am

knockout Workout - boxing Class in Buckshaw Village Super-Me Fitnessat Buckshaw Village Super-Me Fitness

Step into the ring of fitness with our "Knockout Workout" class. This boxing-oriented session harnesses the power and technique of traditional boxing, blending it with high-octane cardio exercises for a pulse-pounding workout experience. From swift jabs and powerful hooks to defensive maneuvers, participants will learn authentic boxing techniques that enhance agility, strength, and coordination. Interspersed with heart-racing cardio intervals, this class promises not only to tone and sculpt muscles but also to elevate cardiovascular endurance. Perfect for both boxing enthusiasts and those looking for a fun, challenging workout, the Knockout Workout delivers a one-two punch of intensity and exhilaration. Lace up your gloves, find your rhythm, and prepare to conquer each session with the spirit of a champion.


Sundays 11am

Unlock the power at your center with the "Core and HIIT" class. Designed with a dual focus, this session meticulously targets the foundational muscles of the abs and core region, while simultaneously revving up your metabolism with high-intensity interval training (HIIT). Participants will delve into a series of core-centric exercises, aiming to strengthen, tone, and stabilize the midsection, laying the groundwork for improved posture and overall functional strength. Complementing the core workouts, the HIIT segments ensure an accelerated calorie burn, offering rapid and tangible fat loss results. Whether you're striving for that chiseled six-pack, aiming to enhance your athletic performance, or simply seeking a more stable and strong core, the Core and HIIT class offers the tools and intensity for transformative results. Engage your center, fuel the burn, and redefine your core strength.

Core and HIIT - Fitness Class in Buckshaw Village Super-Me Fitness
Class Schedule for Super-Me Fitness in Buckshaw Village
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