Mario Portela

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Mario Portela is the head-coach and owner at Super-Me Fitness. Responsible for planning and delivering the sessions, managing our Supers and making sure every single one of our clients unlock their Super-Version and become unstoppable,

From brazil to the world

Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Mario Portela spent most of his life involved in sports. Started Judo when was 4 years old and been competing since 6 making competition part of his life. Moved to the UK in 2016 to follow his dreams and have a better life than it was in Brazil.

Since then has been certified as a Nutrition Advisor, Sports Nutrition Advisor L3, Gym Instructor, Personal Trainer and Precision Nutrition Coach, apart from other several books and courses taken to make sure everyone can unlock their full potential.

In love for fitness and mindset changing, Mario has helped dozens of people to overcome mental and physical barriers that were stopping them to perform as good as they could, creating an inclusive, supportive and results-drive community of people that has no excuse to get the job done.


Mario is a competitor in Strongman -90kg category, which he won in his first competition, won his second -100kg competition and is a Judo Blackbelt, competing in some events as well and having the record of 10 fights 10 wins. The competition life drives him and shows everyone that it is possible to achieve the impossible. 


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