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Select a Membership

From Classes only to full access to our gym.

Choose the membership that best suits you.

  • Infinite Classes

    Every month
    Unlimited Classes per Month
    • Book-in to any class
    • Book-in up to 4-weeks in advance
  • Infinite Open Unit

    Every month
    Train in our unit anytime you want, any day of the week
    • Unlimited Open Unit
    • Book in any time of the day
  • Best Value

    Super-Me Club

    Every month
    Get the most of All Classes and Open Unit
    • Infinite Classes - book any class, any time
    • Infinite Open Unit - have a private gym to train at any tim
    • 1x Free Personal Training Session
  • Open Unit - Weekends

    Every month
    Train in our Unit during the Weekends
    • Full Access to our Gym on Weekends

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