it is like a personal trainer, but in your pocket

With these plans, you will be able to have access to my app and all workouts, plan and routine will be set for you. Also, you receive a nutritional recomendation for that specific plan.

You can track your progress, watch instructional videos and message me for any question or adaptation needed.


If you just want to try out my system, my app, my programs and have a start on exercising itself, grab this one.

Level: Beginner

Type: Strength/Cardio

Extras: 1 preparation week before it starts.

Price: FREE (use the code FREETRIAL2021)


The 8-week machine based program with the proper splits for you who wants to start doing weights training or just joined a gym and don't know to start from.

Level: Beginner

Type: Strength

Extras: for Gym Works Euxton members, Health Assessment on weeks 1,5 and 8

Price: £29


The 8-week running program for amateur runners who want to increase their pace and distance. Designed for progression - all different running workouts.

Level: Intermediate

Type: Cardio

Price: £14


The 8-week Intermediate 4-day split is essential for everyone looking for a next challenge. Will walk you through all your progress and how to increase your strength.

Level: Intermediate

Type: Strength

Extras: Nutrition plan

Price: £39