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3 Top Supplements to Start your Fitness Journey (that actually work)

Well, this might sound weird - you know I always say that you first should fix your diet and don't go straight to supplements, right?

Yes, that's right. But there are some of them that will actually help your journey.




no, I am not talking about the hyperextreme fat burn 3000 that will magically burn all your fat in 14 days. This doesn't exist. It is just a way to quickly take the money from your wallet and put it in theirs.

Don't do that.

Instead, why don't you focus on those that will support you in your journey (it doesn't matter if it is to lose fat or gain mass)?

So let's go straight to the point and smash with our number 1

1 - Whey Protein

Some people might still be scared of taking whey protein - the person is 45% body fat and thinks it will make them heavier. Well, no! Only one thing makes you heavier - eating more calories than you burn.

In my experience and based on studies, people lack protein in their diets. If you are training, you need even more protein. It is really important to get your protein intake to build or keep your lean mass. Also, the digestion of protein is a bit longer and more complex (a secret - you burn more calories to digest protein than any other macro-nutrient) so this will make you fill fuller for longer.

Consider Whey Protein powdered food, 20-25g of Protein to help you achieve your daily protein intake as you might be tired of chicken and fish.

Also, it tastes GOOD - and why is it important? Normally, a fitness journey to lose weight will reduce your access to many of those sweets you used to enjoy every day - like chocolate, ice cream, and more. having a chocolate shake once a day will help with your cravings.

The protein in the Whey Protein is the best quality and your body absorbs a very high part of it so use it, especially after working out.

2 - Multivitamin

Yes, my friend, you need to get those vitamins and minerals from somewhere. Normally you can find them on many vegetables and fruits, but I know you struggle to eat a great variety of them every day.

Having a multivitamin will allow your body to keep on top of these micro-nutrients and you will 1) perform better and 2) get ill less often.

And why is it important?

Super, listen (read) to me - if your immune system is not working properly and you get ill every 4 weeks, that means one week of the gym every month, your progress won't be as good as if you could KEEP YOURSELF TRAINING.

So at this moment, the most important is - to keep your health in the sky so you don't need to lose days of training due to lack of it.

3 - Glutamine

Another supplement that will impact your immune system. It is really really important to keep up with that so you don't miss sessions.

As glutamine works on your small intestine will also increase the number of nutrients your body absorbs. So, if you want to use the whole protein and carbs you are eating, have your glutamine every day.

Glutamine is proven to work and it is used by most hospitals for patients that need support. So, this is a really good one!

Don't forget that all recommendations here should be addressed with your doctor/gp before using them

Well, for me these are the top 3 Supplements for beginners. Have a look - it doesn't involve rapid fat loss or muscle gain. It is basically a support to make you stay consistent during your journey The consistency will win in the end and you never regret a training session.

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