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6 Tips to enjoy a weekend during a fitness journey

eople are scared of weekends when they start a weight loss or muscle gain program. Others, are so restricted during the week that ends up as the weekend being a relief for them.

To make sure you enjoy your weekend right - within your goals and following your plan, make sure you follow these tips.

1 - Don't go to restrictive during the week.

It might sounds counter-intuitive but building a restrictive life will only take you to an all-or-nothing mentality and when it gets to weekends you go for the ALL part of it. If you are in a caloric deficit, make sure is a small and sustainable one during the week, not going to extreme. If will allow you to see the weekend as just part or your journey, and not a pause on it.

2 - Have a Plan

If you are going out or have an event, set a plan for it - a sensible and reasonable one. If normally you drink 4 pints, go for 2 this time (don't try to go for zero, yet! Plan something doable). And most importantly: STICK TO THE PLAN.

3 - Preferably, eat at home.

If there is a party or somewhere you are going that you now it will have food available (the ones that won't help with your goal), make sure you have good, healthy, nutritious, normal food at home throughout the day as you keep yourself with the nutrients your body needs to work properly.


It is very easy to forget about the water during the weekend. Make sure it is part of your plan. If you are drinking alcohol, you have to drink even more water on that day and the day after. Keep your 2L water bottle with you all the time and make sure you finish it - twice.

5 - Calories still counts

Even though you might not believe - calories works on the same way on weekdays and weekends. So make sure you know what you are doing and the consequences of every single decision you make during the weekend. All calories will still count.

6 - Stay Active

Look for activities that requires movement - going for a walk, any sport or even hit the gym on the weekends. This will add up to your lifestyle habits and will become easier day-by-day to keep yourself moving - and burning more calories.

Following these tips will ensure you will not fall from your plan and you can even enjoy the weekend with moderation.

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