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Why you keep failing - and 4 tips to overcome it

Normal people have a normal life and you are no different. Being busy, not finding time to exercise and not being a morning person for example are amongst the most given excuses for not doing what you should do.

Waiting for that day you will have your life perfectly in place, with 2 free hours every day to workout out so you can finally start is a recipe for disaster as we know it won't happen. Chances are life will continue to be as busy as it is or gets even busier. That's what has been happening over the last 20 years right?

Waiting for motivation is another trap. "I want to go to the gym but I don't have the motivation". Of course, you don't. Most people don't. And that's fine because it is more important what you do when you are not motivated. And here is the tricky point - we don't wait for motivation to do things. We just do them. Why? Because we know we have to.

Do you wait for motivation to go to work? To change your kids? To tidy up your house? No! Because you simply do it without thinking. And that's how you should see exercise from now on.

You are NOT waiting for motivation anymore. You are now doing things without motivation and you know why? Because they work the same. Think about exercising as an important meeting that you CAN'T-MISS. It is in your diary now, you can't fail. You will be fired if you don't show up. You will be fired by yourself.

1) Be Realistic in setting the times

Don't book a 2-hour slot for the gym in your diary if you know this is too far away from what you are doing now. You can set a 30-minute or 45-minute session. That's okay and way more doable and realistic. If you set plans too far away from your normal routine chances are - you are not doing it at all.

2) Say to other people you can't do anything else on that time slot

That is your meeting, your time with yourself. And things will come up. Of course, there are emergencies and things you can't postpone in life but they are really rare. If anything else turns up say NO. You are going to the gym - or going for a run, or doing that class, or swimming, I don't know but you are now exercising. A no said to someone trying to distract you from your goals is a yes you are saying to yourself. If the person actually cares about you, he/she will understand.

3) Set alarms/reminders with a specific sound (that you don't use for other alarms)

This is really powerful. Set an alarm for 10-15 minutes before the session so you can change and get in the zone. As soon as this alarm goes on, you immediately stop what you are doing and start the gym mode. After a couple of days, you will see how automatic this behaviour will become as soon as you hear that sound. This will be your gym alert.

4) Public Commitment

If you have social media, share with people that you are committed to it. You won't like to be seen as someone that doesn't fulfil promises so it will make you do what you have to do. Also, have a friend you can share it with so this friend can help you do the task. Hire a Personal Trainer so you have someone to keep yourself accountable.

Following these 4 tips will help you to get it going on your fitness journey. No, I am not saying it will be easy. No, I am not saying it won't hurt. No, I am not saying you won't fail again. I am saying these will definitely help you to kickstart your journey and you will become your Super-Vesion.

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