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finally a program that actually



70 days of program based on your goals, experience and determination.

The Project 70 is designed for those who need a life shake up to get back on track with a professional trainer's support, guidance and planning to complement/help their journey. Meet people on the same mission as you are and transform your body and mind in 70 Days.

The Challenge includes:

  • Full access to our Fitness App with your training connected to your trainer to keep you accountable;

  • A diet plan also connected to the Fitness App accessible by your trainer to keep you on track;

  • Weekly fitness challenges;

  • Weekly group sessions including park boot camps, indoor circuits, running clubs and military training

  • Your measurements are taken before and after the program;

  • Access to our support group/community;

This project is limited to 20 people. Minimum 10*

The next Project starting date is TBC

*If the minimum is not achieved by the deadline, your payment will be converted into 3 x 45min PT sessions or 2 months of online coaching.

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